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Ammonium Persulfate

Ammonium Persulfate
  • Country of Origin: China (mainland)
  • Trade Information: . Packing: 25kgs net in HDPE bag Notes for Store and Transport: this product is the second degree inorganic oxidizer, avoiding store or/and transport with organics, reducing agent,burner etc together. Stored in cool, dry warehouse, avoiding to contact with fire an heat resource. Stored in 6 months
  • Competitive Advantages: Well and High Quality Control,Prompt Delivery,Competitive Prices
  • Sales Method: Export, Manufacture
Product Specifications:1. Formula: (NH4) 2S2O8
2. M.W.: 228.19
3. Properties: white crystallized powder. Soluble in
water. Decomposes slowly and liberates oxygen when
meeting moisture. Decomposes completely when heated at
120°C, and liberates amount of oxygen gas heat.
Specific Gravity: 1.982
4. Specifications:
This product conforms to standard Q/BH 04-1999
5. Uses: it is widely used as oxidizing agent and bleaching
agent in battery industry, it is also used as
polynerization intitiator, desizing agent of fiber
industry, surface treatment of metal and
transistor, etching agent of printed circuit board, oil
firm break down of oil development etc. It also used in
flour and starch industry, grease industry. In
photographic industry, it is also used to retard hypo.
7. Danger:
. Second degree inorganic oxidzing agent.
. Danger Red: No.23007
. U.N.No.1444 IMDG code class 5.1 page 5019

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