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Itaconic Acid

Itaconic Acid
  • Country of Origin: China (mainland)
  • Trade Information: . Packing: 25kg net in a weave bag lined with plastic bag
  • Competitive Advantages: Well and High Quality Control,Prompt Delivery,Competitive Prices
  • Sales Method: Export, Manufacture
Product Specifications:1. As cross-linking agent.
The copolymerization of itaconic acid and vinyl can
produce polystyrene resin which has advantages such as
light in weight, water-proof, anticorrosion and good
plasticity. Filling in glass fiber it can be produced
high-strength glass steel. It can also be coated with
paper and the back side of carper.
2. As intermediate if aynthetic fiber.
Acrylic fiber with itaconic acid as the third monomer
has such advanges of good feeling and easy dyeing.
3. Used to process transparent materials.
The polymer of itaconic acid has special luster and
transparency, suitable for making artificial gems
(diamonds) and special purpose lens.
4. Apply to produce detergent.
The copolymer of itaconic acid and acrylic acid is
polymolecular chelating agent which acts as detergent of
boller and water-cool system preventing formation of
basic calcium and magnesium filth.
5. Producing adhesives.
The acrylic acid emulsion made from itaconic acid is a
better adhesive for non woven fibers. PVC adhesives
contains itaconic acid monomer has strong adhesive
property to paper and celluloid.
6. Producing dental sticker (adhesive).
The cross linkage of itaconic acid acrylic acid and
polyvalent metal oxide can be synthesized to dental
stocker whick has good pressure resistance and
phystolotgic adaptability.
Moreover, we can sythesize pyrrolldone derivative by
itaconic acid and amine, which is one composition of
lubricant, detergent, medicine and herbicide. Itaconic
acid is a good additive to synthetic resin, ion-exchange
resin and surface active agent, a good plasticizer in
plastics, materials of mesaconic acid and its
anhydrinde, citraconic acid and its anhydride.
7. Production of carbon fiber.
8. Production of styrene-butadiene latex carboxylated.
9. Production of unsaturated polyester resin and ion
exchange resin.
10. Production of textile reagent and organic chemical
11. Watermark printing andproduction of gluing agent,
detergent, weed killer, anti-scaling agent for boiliers
and coolers and anti-scale agent for seawater flash off
12. A mixture incorporationg itaconic acid, features
excellent shock reduction and extensibility and can ba
used in automobile shock reduction and extensibilityh
and can be used in automobile shock absorbers.
13. Productin of polymers of acrylic acid emulsion,
adhesives, lubricantion liquids for drills, thickening
agents and fiber dyeing agents.
14. Production of quality coating or backing for carpet or
paper, as it forms stable emulsions.

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